There was flash of curiosity in Chris smoldering eyes and, without any warning,he stretched and put his arm around Angel's waist. To anyone seeing this as they passed by,this was definitely a lecherous move. Angel was startled by Chris's move and took a moment to recover before she pushed him away.

She raised a hand to slap Chris across the face but he was faster. He caught her hand mid-air as she swung it and said, "I'm Chris Williams. Remember my name". After saying this, Chris released her hand and headed towards the hospital entrance. Samson gave a long whistle, clearly still excited over the discovery of Angel and her twins, before running after Chris. Angela titled her head and asked her brother in her cute girly voice "Angelo did the mister who may be our daddy just take advantage of our mommy? "Hm". Angelo nodded his head calmly,his head calmly,his gaze still fixed on Chris, who was moving up the stairs towards the hospital main entrance.

Perhaps he should attempt to get a hold of the a strand of this man's hair for a DNA test. This way,he would know if they were related for sure. Angel glowered at Chris's back. That lecherou man she would have to reconsider if this man was really suitable to be her kids father if he didn't respect women. Come on kids we need to go. I still have to report and attend a debrief from my supervisor."Alright mommy. The family went into the hospital and reported to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

 Dr Basteri,the chief physician in the department,looked at Angel's resume.

Pushing up the glasses perched on his nose, he said, Dr Johnson your professor has already given us a clear idea of your capabilities. I don't have any doubts about that, and so, will do away with your probation period. You can start work Tomorrow. As for your pay it I'll as per what we discussed over the phone previously. Let me know if you have any issues. Angel shook her head and said politely, Dr Basteri,I'm happy with the offer and I'm happy as well." After exchanging some pleasantries, Dr Basteri handed a patient's case file over to Angel and said, Dr Johnson, there's a newly admitted patient who comes from a wealthy background. It's not going to be easy managing her. You'll take care of her after her delivery, is that okay? Angel took the case file and replied sure Dr Basteri. But when she opened the case file and saw the patient name and photo Angel felt her body tense. As much as she would like to it seemed she really couldn't avoid meeting her enemies. The case file belong to Hope her arch enemy Angel couldn't help but ask Dr. Basteri since this patient already has her own doctor assigned for delivery shouldn't  Same doctor assigned for her subsequent follow up? You're right it's just that doctor assigned to her Dr. Nathan had an emergency at home and has to be on leave for a few days every week.

You've experience in clinical studies and research experiments, and so, once the patient hears of your background she might become more co-operative and less unmanageable, Dr Basteri explained but knowing Hope fiery temper, Dr Basteri was still apologetic to Angel as he said, Dr Johnson I know you might suffer a little because pregnant ladies tend to be temperamental but take it as gaining experience for yourself. We can consider a switch if you really can't take it. Angel nodded reluctantly in the hospital her responsibility and professionalism as a doctor came first. She wouldn't mix her working life with her personal ones. Dr Basteri continued Alright now you can go back and rest. I'll see you at work tomorrow then. Thank you Dr Basteri Angel left Dr Basteri office after she had thanked him.

Her two kids were seated on the long bench in the corridor waiting for her quietly. With her kids and luggage in tow, Angel planned to head over to her friend's house where they would be staying for the time being. At the same time she had wanted to ask her friend for the latest update on James. She had to know everything about her enemies before she could plan her next moves. She was determined to recover everything that belong to the Johnson family from him. And just as Angel had the thought about James, he appeared in front of her, Angel James out. This was another voice she could never forget, Angel stiffened as she tried to suppress the intense hatred that had surge immediately within her. Her hands curled fists, her fingernails cutting deep into her palms, the pain from her nails brought her back to reality as she quickly calm herself. Contrary to the hatred Angel had felt, James was delightfully suprise to see her.

He was really sad when he discovered Angel had died in a fire six years ago. As such, he has been curbing the growth and sabotaging the projects of the Meyer group all these years. He had wanted to ensure that Hope will be left without much support when he finally could take revenge on Angel's behalf. Although he had been dispicable and had taken over the Johnson cooperation using underhanded means, James did have feelings for Angel, infact he had loved her very much. He had only courted Hope became he was after her family Power and influence, to achieve the goal of taking over the Meyer group,he even had Angel beaten up once. He thought this would convince Hope of his feelings for her. But Hope always has a suspicious nature and so, couldn't even tolerate Angel's existence. Hope has gone as far as forcing Angel to jump into the sea once. 

You're alive Angel I'm so happy! James look at Angel with joy. I've been searching for you all these years. When I heared that you have died in a fire, I even had a grave dug for you, when Angel met James eyes-eyes that were filled with disbelief and joy she was immediately revolted, she was filled with so much disgust that her stomach churned and she gave an involuntary retch. James flushed slightly at her reaction but he asked worriedly, "Angel are you feeling unwell? I'll bring you to see a doctor, As he spoke James reached for Angel arm.

But Angel slapped his hand as she  said don't touch me! Both Angelo and Angela immediately rushed forward and stood in front of Angel in a protective stance. With her hands on her hips Angela stood fiercely and said "Don't you dare bully my mummy mister"! James glanced down and pause when he saw Angela. He was so focused on Angel that he had failed to notice the twins next to her. To think that her kids had grown up so well over the last six years. What has stunned him was their resemblance to Chris. We're this kids Chris's? If they were he wouldn't allow them to be United with the man.

 A victous glint appeared in his eyes, there was no way he would allow these two kids to live. Sensing the murderous aura, from James Angel pulled her two kids behind her as she warned him "Don't you even think about hurting them", James Chris.

Instantly James hid his murderous intent and put on a smile. Angel they are your kids you went through a lot to have them how could I even hurt them? I'm just amazed by how big they have grown. He stretched out his hand in a bid to pat Angela's head. Angel slapped his hand away as she said in disgust, " Take your filthy hands away!" Angel are you still angry with me for what I did years back? I had only distanced my self from you cause I was worried Hope would hurt you.

I still love you,you know? James looked at Angel passionately as he declared I've gained complete control over the Johnson co-operation. I also have my people in the Meyer group. It's only a matter of time until we don't have to fear Hope. By then we can be together again. Angel would be overjoyed if James had said this in the past, but now Angel felt nothing but disgust at his suggestion she had never known the hypocritical side of James. She must have been blind to love James for so many years.

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