When Mrs Meyer heared that, she flushed before turning pale. She glared at Angel when she thought no one could see her, but unfortunately her eyes met Chris after she had glared at Angel. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the knowing look in Chris eyes, Angel commented casually look Chris she isn't sincere in apologizing at all. Chris stroked Chris face, hm.. it's okay. It doesn't matter to us anyway. In the next second, he changed the topic, are you off work already? I want to bring you and our kids for a sumptuous meal, I could not find time previously because of work.

Angel turned to look at Dr Basteri for the answer. Dr Basteri was very happy to finally have the opportunity to talk with Chris. He was about to speak when Mrs Meyer started barking like a dog in the corridor. The atmosphere from the crowd was subdued as they watched Mrs Meyer bark like a dog. It was only a moment back when Mrs Meyer was behaving so arrogantly and acting in a high handed manner. Now, she was on al
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