The moment the news was out, everyone was surprised. Everyone started running about to tell each other about it. They were all whispering among themselves asking one another the question, of when Chris Williams got married.

The answer they all derived was that Chris Williams did not seem to be married. Did it mean that the twins who suddenly appeared were his illegitimate children? But regardless of whether they were illegitimate or not, so long as they were Chris's children, the wealth that would come to possess would be an amount that a few could match up to.

With such thoughts in mind, a change in the crowd's attitude towards James was quietly and subtly settling in. Even if James was considered to be one of the latest local dignitaries, his foundation was not stable enough. He simply could not hold a candle to someone born with special privileges like James.

But this was the later part of the story. At the moment, James was still unaware that his status was already changing.

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