Before she opened her eyes, Angel could feel a dull headache. She closed her eyes, propped up her body, then raised her hand to pat her head.

"What's wrong? Your head hurts?"

A low sexy voice of a man sounded, and then a pair of broad, strong arms pressed on Angel's temples and slowly began to massage them. Angel stopped moving and she stiffened.

She opened her eyes at a snail's pace, turned her head, and met with a handsome face that looked so big due to its proximity to hers. After freezing for a few seconds, she threw herself backward but ended up...


She bumped into the railings so hard that the pain instantly caused her to tear.

"Silly girl.

How can you be so careless?"

Chris moved over and confined her in his embrace. Then he pressed her head down to check the back of it for redness and swelling. It was a little red, but fortunately nothing too serious.

He breathed a sigh of relief, looked down at her, and scolded her lightly, "Be careful. My heart will ache if yo
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