"Okay, we'll do as you've said." Chris was confident that Angel would agree to be with him for the kid's sake. He could tell that Angel Loved her kids very much and wanted the best for them.

"Angelo, relax. I'm sure Daddy won't lie to us," Angela said. She had been successfully bribed by the bag of snacks that Chris had bought for her. She was back on Chris's side of camp.

Angelo couldn't help but glance at Angela helplessly. He quietly reached out to hold Angela's hand. He was worried that his sister wouldn't know when she had been lied to. She loved food too much and was too easily swayed by it.

Chris's phone rang at this moment. When he saw the caller's name displayed on the screen, his mood became serious.

"Grandpa," Chris picked up the call and greeted the other party.

An old, authoritative voice rumbled from the other side of the phone, "Did you get down on a knee and proposed to a doctor in a hospital?"

"Yes, Chris admitted. He had no intention to hide this from his family. He
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