Chris had a mouthful of food with a complacent look on his face. "Well, she's my child."

How can this child not be smart?

Samson rolled his eyes and decided to sing a different song, "Chris as a boring person like you, how could Angela, such an adorable and intelligent child, follow your genes? You can forget about claiming the credit. I think Angela is more like Angel."

After he dealt a blow to Chris, he did not forget to praise Angel.

"Uncle is right, I'm like Mommy." Angela in approval. "You've got good taste."

"Chris, did you hear that? Even the little cutie pie agrees with what I said." Samson smirked as he batted his eyelashes at Chris with arrogance.

Chris scoffed as the cold and stern expression disappeared from his face, trying to act pitiful. "Angela, do you think you don't resemble Daddy at all?"

Before Angela could answer, Samson rubbed his arms which were full of goosebumps. "Chris, can you be yourself? This is not your style."

Did Chris, a firm and resolute man who could
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