She tried escaping

Alfred is seen lying on his bed whispering in his sleep. Beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.

"Please don't harm my mom!! Please don't do this to my mommy Daddy please don't leave me alone" 10 years old he cried as he saw his mom and dad in the pool of their blood.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, panting heavily like Someone who has just run a marathon race. He sighed softly and placed his hands on his forehead feeling tired.

He picked up his phone and saw it was midnight, 12:30 am. He stood up and walked inside the bathroom to take a cool bath, he just needed to calm himself down. He walked out of the bathroom and laid on the bed trying to catch some sleep but then he just couldn't sleep.

Since the incident that took place 15 years ago, he's been having sleepless nights. For the past 15 years, he's been having sleepless nights.

He stood up and walked out of his room to his study room to get some office work done.

"Boss." He heard a knock on the door. He knew it was Andrew, his bodyguard and also his best friend. 

"Come in," he said as he closed his laptop and Andrew walked in. He glanced at the wall clock and saw it was 7:00 am. "It's morning," he thought.

"Didn't sleep again last night?" Andrew asked as he strode towards him and Alfred nodded and stood up from the chair he was sitting on and he sighed knowing that Alfred was tired and wasn't in the mood to talk.

"What about the girl Alfred? She's been locked up in that room for three days now without food or water. Do you want her to die?" Andrew asked and Alfred who was about to walk out of the room paused and turned to him.

"All he wants is to make Lisa pay for everything her father did to him. He will make her pay for everything, he will make her pay in spades everything her father did to him and as for death. No, he needs her to be alive, and even if she's gonna die in the future but not now, not yet. He will make her pay!" He thought all his system was filled with anger. Vengeance running through his blood. He's going to make her suffer.

"You should be getting ready! We are both attending the board meeting today" he said and with that, he exited the room feeling as angry as ever.

"I asked him a question and he gave another reply! Weird!" Andrew rolled his eyes and walked out of the study room.

"Sir! Breakfast is ready," a maid said to Andrew and he waved his hands signifying he wasn't hungry.

"What about sir Alfred? Should we send his food to his room?" the maid asked and Andrew scoffed.

"If you have a death wish," Andrew said and walked inside his room to get ready for the board meeting which was starting at 10 am.


Lisa opened her bleary-eyed and discovered she was still in the strange room but this time her hands were no longer tied. She felt pain all over her, her body hurting like hell. She knew she passed out but she didn't know for long she's passed out. She sat up properly on the bed and looked around the small but well-decorated room. 

"Oh my God!! When I'm I going to get out of here?" she asked no one, in particular, gawking around the room groaning in pain.

She sniffed as she remembered everything that had happened. How her mother was killed by her uncle and how she was taken away. And then the strange man, her captor, his s***x slave, his property, he'd called her. The thought of it alone sends shivers down her spine.

She's been here for some time now. She hasn't seen her captor for the past three days and that was the time he walked up to her, staring at her with the coldest eyes she has ever seen as he reached for her thighs and hit her. His s***x slave, he'd called her.

The cold went down Lisa's limb. She saw a hatred rawer before, in anybody's eyes.

 Alfred hated her so much.

She could see it, she could sense it, she could feel it but what she just couldn't fathom, was the reason he'd hated her.

Suddenly, she placed her hands on her forehead as she groaned in pain. Her head was hurting like hell. She stood up from the bed looking around and spotted a door that led to a bathroom and she walked inside the bathroom to take her bath.

Immediately, she walked out of the bathroom and met a maid cleaning the room.

"Argh!" the maid screamed in fright as she saw her.

"You--" She paused, staring at Lisa. "She's the girl sir Andrew brought in three days ago," the maid thought.

"You scared me," the maid said and shot her a deadly glare. She muttered and bowed her head, "I'm sorry." 

"Hmph. I wonder why sir Andrew brought her in and she's beautiful. Wait a minute, what's that mark on her face and body? Was she beaten last night?" the maid thought strangely staring at Lisa making Lisa feel uncomfortable.

"Please where can I get clothes to put on?" She asked the maid, feeling uncomfortable.

"Check the wardrobe," the maid said and walked out of the room.

"Wait!" Lisa said but then she was already out of the room. She sighed and walked towards the wardrobe and opened it. There were different clothes in it and they were actually for women. "I wonder who owns this room?" She thought as she picked up a red gown and put it on.

She walked away from the wardrobe and sat on the bed tiredly and suddenly she burst into tears.  "I wish mom was here," she thought as she wiped her tears and suddenly a thought came into her head. She should escape from here. If she doesn't escape then she's gonna be dead.

She stood up from the bed and walked towards the door and opened it. She walked out of the room and closed the door and started tiptoeing towards the stairs but then a maid saw her and yelled at once making her freeze.

"What are you trying to do? Are you trying to escape?" the maid yelled and she froze immediately. Lisa stared at the maid trying to plead with her. She was already on the verge of tears.

"I...I..." she stuttered a lot of words already.

"Hmmm," the maid hummed and walked towards her and scoffed, then suddenly she landed a slap on her left cheek making Lisa stagger, and then she fell on the ground.

"please I... I..." she burst into tears and the maid burst into laughter. Lisa felt so weak. This isn't her. She couldn't even fight and speak up for herself. Sadness swept through her.

"weak asshole," the maid said and walked away from her then went downstairs to make a phone call to Alfred.

"hello sir," the maid said immediately Alfred answered the call.

"What do you want?" Alfred, who already knew who was speaking, asked in his icy voice.

"The girl sir Andrew brought in tried escaping but then I caught her," she said and Alfred ended the call immediately.

"What?? he ended the call without saying a word to her?" the maid, whose name was Ria, muttered sadly.

She has been working for Alfred for a year now as a maid but Alfred has not even noticed her no matter how hard she tried to be noticed by him and then just a few days back they brought in a total stranger into the house and this angered her.

She dropped the phone on the table and was about to go upstairs when she heard the door burst open with full force. It was Alfred.

A shiver ran down Ria's spine immediately she saw the expression on his face. He was really angry.

"This is not going to be a good one," Ria thought as Alfred climbed upstairs to Lisa's room.

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