His slave

Lisa sighed softly and picked up her clothes then put them on. Done dressing, with her head up, she walked out of his room.

Outside the room, she leaned against the wall and placed her hands on her neck which were hurting. She felt so much pain all over her body. Tears burned in her eyes at the thought that life was being unfair to her.

But then on the other hand she still wondered why he was restraining himself. He would have s*x with her and wouldn't finish. She thought he hated her so much and his wish was to make her suffer then why hold me back? she thought staggering to her room.

But then she waved off the thought" it's none of my business" she muttered lowly as she sat on her bed. She wiped her tears and lay tiredly on the bed.

She felt so tired both physically and emotionally. She had gone through so much in one day. She laid down on the bed and forced herself to sleep.




It was morning again and another day
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Sharon Henderson
I wish could just read it all at once without having to pay for it

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