She seduced me

Chapter 38

   After Alfred had come back to the office he was acting so angry towards everything and everyone. He even fired 5 of his staff without them doing anything to him. 

He’s never felt this angry in his entire life. Or maybe whatever he was feeling wasn’t anger, instead it was jealousy. Nah!! It wasn’t jealousy. It was anger and betrayal he felt. 

He wondered how long this had been going on between Andrew and Lisa. He never believed Lisa could be a whore yet she’d act so innocent like she knows nothing. The thought of this angered him a lot.



  After Alfred had closed from work he went home straight. Andrew who was in the sitting room quickly stood up as he heard the sound of a car ride into the compound.

Alfred walked inside the house and Andrew quickly called his name.

“Alfred” he called in a sober tone and Alfred turned to him with no expression on his face. Then his eyes moved toward his hands which were bandaged. 

“What happened to your hands” Alfred asked 

“It’s nothing, just a minor injury” Andrew said and the next thing he started crying. He just had to do something to earn his sympathy so he could talk with him. He knows if he could earn his sympathy, he would forgive him.

He’s known Alfred for years even though he acts so strong like he doesn’t care for him he knows he still cares and wouldn’t want to see him this way. 

He tightened his fist as he saw Andrew crying, trying to hold himself back from talking to him but he just couldn’t. Andrew was the only one he had left since grandma died and now he couldn’t bear to see him in so much pain.

Andrew’s like a son and a brother to him too. “Andrew” he called and walked towards him.

“I’m sorry I swear it wasn’t intentional “ he said and hugged him. Alfred closed his eyes contemplating if he should hug him back in return.

“Hey stop crying “ he said as he pulled him away from the hug.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me” he kept on crying. Alfred gritted his teeth and turned away from him. He was feeling so angry for what he did and right now he was trying to hold himself from talking to him because he knows if he does talk to him, he was definitely going to unleash the anger he was feeling at that moment.

“Andrew, stop already. Why did you do it and with my slave of all people? Why Lisa?. Why? You know she’s mine and mine alone” Alfred said in full authority and rage. Andrew could feel the possessiveness and anger in his tone. 

“I can explain “ he stuttered thinking of what to say 

“There’s nothing to explain here , I saw it with my lens eyes. I witnessed it. I wonder how long this has been going on” Alfred who has lost his tempers held Andrew by his shirt and pushed him to the wall.

He then swallowed hard at the lie he was about to say. “I’m sorry Lisa but I have to do this. I need him to forgive me so he can trust me again” he muttered in his head.

“She seduced me” he cried out loud and Alfred scoffed.

“She seduced me. She’s been doing that for a very long time and I had been resisting her. But I don’t know what came over me today. I lost control , I couldn’t control myself, I’m sorry” Andrew said and Alfred stared at him displeased. 

The expression on his face made Andrew doubt if he believed what he just said but then he finally spoke .

“I knew it. I knew she was a whore” he groaned and walked away from Andrew.

“Lisa, Lisa you whore” Alfred barked as he climbed up the stairs and opened the door to the room he locked her in.

Lisa, who was unconscious, heard her name from her unconscious state and suddenly she opened her eyes, there he met Alfred staring at her with anger and hatred in his eyes.

No, this wasn’t hatred, it was more, it was loathing. Lisa joined her lips together as he stared at Alfred. She felt like a lion was standing in front of her ready to devour her and leave no pieces of her.

“You bastard, you whore, you seduced Andrew Andrew into kissing you. Don’t you have any slightest shame?” Alfred barked angrily. Lisa stared at him not knowing what he was talking about. Seduced Andrew, when?, how?… Andrew must have lied to Alfred. He betrayed her.

Her thought was disrupted by a pain on her tummy. It was Alfred who landed a punch on her tummy.

Tears slid down her cheeks as she felt like her liver was being affected by the punch. She was forced to spit out blood.

Alfred moved towards her and held her by her mouth roughly “ your father a murderer, you’re a whore and I wonder who you took that attitude from if not your mother. I’m sure she was a whore too” he said and hit her hard on her face.

Lisa felt her heart sank immediately. She felt her heart shattered into pieces. Her mother was never a whore. She was a woman of virtue, a courageous woman whom every young woman would love to look up to as a mentor and he dares call her mother a whore. This angered Lisa a lot.

“My mother was never a whore” Lisa whispered between gritted teeth as she struggled to free herself from the rope.

“How dare you speak to me in that manner?” Alfred grunted and hitted her on her face.

Lisa closed her eyes in pain and suddenly burst into laughter.

“Go on, hit me, beat me. That’s the only thing you are good at doing, aside that there’s nothing more you can do or is there anything else you can do? You are not even man enough to do anything. You’re just so weak but yet you act like you're strong. You’re just a coward, an asshole” Lisa said, smiling in pain. All she was trying to do was to anger Alfred. She knows if he gets really angry he was going to kill her without thinking about it twice and that’s what she wanted, she wanted him to kill her and end everything once and for all.

Alfred felt insulted by everything Lisa was saying , he took a four mouthed cane which was at the corner of the room and began to hit her non stop all over her body making her bleed. Lisa still wouldn’t keep shut yet she still kept talking and smiling.

“You’re nothing but a loser Alfred Kings no wonder your mother died. You’re not even worth a son” 

Alfred paused and stared at Lisa, his eyes as red as blood. Lisa felt scared. She knew she had gone too far by bringing her mother into it. She knew just how much Alfred loved his mother and if she says anything about her , it would angered him and truly she’s succeeded.

“Another word from you I’ll slit your throat and feed them to those dogs in my cages” he said and untied her. He dragged her out of the room to his room.

He stripped her naked again tied her to his bed where he came behind and started thrusting in and out of her non stop. He was so hard on her that Lisa couldn’t scream or cry all she could do was lay there weakly. 

Her body was already filled with blood and her face swollen. She felt life leaving her body as her vision became blurred. She felt like she was going to die soon.

Suddenly, Alfred pulled out of her when he felt she was almost lifeless. He untied her and pushed her so hard to the ground.

Lisa groaned softly. “I promise you Alfred , you’ll pay for everything you’ve done to me"

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omg, this is too much for a woman to take. I hope she will not end with Alfred.
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Gaulua Siu
Very nice story. You've done a really good job author. I hope he finds out the truth

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