Ignoring her

Chapter 79

Let’s go Dina “ Lisa said and just as she was about to leave Tessa dragged her hand and Lisa did the unexpected by giving her a resounding slap on her face.

Everywhere in the room became as silent as a graveyard as they were in shock to see Lisa slap Tessa.

“Don’t mistake my silence for weakness” Lisa said and with that she walked out of the ward with Dina and Clara trailing behind her.

Tessa stood in shock. She opened her mouth wide. Lisa slapped her. No, Lisa of all people just slapped her and she couldn’t do a thing about it.

Oh my, Lisa is done for good, Tessa said aloud and was about walking out of the hospital ward when she felt a hand hold her dress.

“Not so quick, calm down “ Lydia said

“Lydia, that girl just slapped me and you expect me to keep calm” Tessa said looking so frustrated.

“Yes. Everything is going to go as planned this time because you’re going to Daniel's office to tell him Lisa slapped you because you tried helping her” Lydia said smiling.

Lisa is s
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