Babies name

Chapter 113

Yes, I’m okay, “ Andrew smiled at her. The maid stared at him weirdly. That smile on his face was a wicked one but then she quickly waved off the thoughts. Maybe she was the one overthinking things, she thought.


Lisa is seen in her new apartment cleaning the kitchen. She had moved out already days ago and it was the weekend so she didn't go to work.

She decided to do some cleaning. After she was done she prepared breakfast for herself and was about to eat when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and to her surprise, she saw Clara and Dina.

“Aunt Lisa” Clara called as she hugged her.

“Oh, my baby! I missed you so much” Lisa smiled as she kissed her cheeks

“I missed you too, aunt Lisa, “ Clara giggled and Lisa smiled. She just loves this kid so much.

“Are you gonna let me in or are you just gonna stand here and talk with Clara?” Dina said as she placed her hands on the akimbo, making Lisa laugh.

“Sorry, I just missed Clara so much
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