Her water broke

Chapter 114

6 months later

Lisa is seen in her room laying on the bed. She was looking kind of weak. She's been sick for a week now and she had to stop work. Daniel had been with her for a week but he had just left just now because he had some emergency to attend to and he promised to be back before dawn.

The past few months haven't been an easy one for Lisa, because she was pregnant and almost due for delivery. But all thanks to Daniel and her friends ( Dina and Malia ). They've been of great help to her.

Lisa sighed softly as she managed to stand up from the bed. Her both legs were hurting. She managed to walk to the sitting room and sat on the couch. Just then she heard her phone vibrate. A text message popped in.

She picked up her phone and checked what message it was and to her surprise, it was an alert from the restaurant she works for. She's just being paid this weekend even though she wasn't at work. Lisa felt tears gather in her eyes. Her boss was just too kind to be true.
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