A reminder

Chapter 117

Lisa smiled at her and stood up pretending she was about to leave but to Isabel's surprise she removed the duvet Isabella used in covering her body and to her surprise she saw Isabella’s leg bandaged.

“Isabella, Did you break your leg?” Lisa asked, almost yelling. Isabella joined her lips together staring at her mom who was looking so furious. There were a lot of traits the quadruplet possessed, one was joining their lips together when scared or rather nervous, they got that from Lisa.

Another was them biting their fingernails and many more.

“How come? When did it happen?” Lisa asked Isabella who was almost on the verge of tears. Isabella hated the fact that her mom was yelling at her. It hurts her to see her mom angry.

“It happened in school yesterday when I was running down the stairs” Isabella sniffed

“It happened in school and the school authority didn't bother to call me? Did your nanny know about this?” Lisa asked. The quadruplet's nanny was the one who took the
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