Chapter 124

What? Is there something on my face?” Alfred asked and Isabella scoffed.

“Yes. You have the same eyes as me and my sisters. I'm just surprised. Well, I'm Isabella” Isabella said as she brought forth her little hands for a handshake. Alfred chuckled as he stared at Isabella's little hands. God!! He wondered where this little kid got her courage from.

“I’m Alfred kings,” Alfred said as he accepted the handshake. Isabella smiled and Alfred’s mind quickly went to Lisa. That smile looked so familiar.

Even though Lisa never smiled at him in the past, he’s seen her so many times smiling at Andrew and this smile was just exactly like Lisa’s.

“I would love to meet your mom, “ Alfred said looking around

“Oh!! I’m not sure she would want to meet you. She must be really busy right now” Isabella said as she picked up her newspaper from the table.

“Oh!! Seems like your mom is the busy type” Alfred said and Isabella nodded

“What about your dad?” Alfred asked

“Oh, I do not have a
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