I love you

Chapter 125

It was evening and working hours were almost over. Daniel had come to the restaurant after he had picked up the children from school.

The restaurant would close soon, so there were just a few people inside. The rest of the quadruplets walked in looking around with Daniel behind them. Just then they caught a glimpse of Dina walking toward them.

“Aunt Dina” they yelled as they ran towards Dina and hugged her.

“Sweethearts, how are you?” Dina asked as she bent to their level touching their hairs.

“We are fine aunty” they echoed at once and Dina smiled.

“Aunty where is Isabella?” Annabella asked

“Oh!! She's over there” Dina said as she pointed towards a table at the extreme end where Isabella was sitting. The kids immediately ran away from Dina and went to meet Isabella.

Immediately, the kids left Dina stood up and smiled at Daniel.

“Welcome sir,” she said and bowed her head making Daniel scoff.

“I have told you times without numbers, not to address me as sir. I would
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