The monster

Chapter 129

Today was the funding party day, she needed to get to the restaurant in time to make sure everything was okay and well arranged.

After Lisa had gotten to the restaurant, she went straight to her office and dropped her things off. Just then Dina walked inside her office.

“Hey” Dina smiled at Lisa

“Hey,” Lisa managed to smile as she brought her phone from inside her bag.

“Is everything in place? Is there anything you would want me to tell Andrea to bring in?” Lisa asked

“Yes, everything is in order. We just need a few chafing dishes” Dina said and Lisa nodded in response.

“They will be delivering a new T-shirt with the restaurant name written on it. All the staff and the people who will serve must put it on. It's a must” Lisa said as she dialed Andrea's number on her phone.

“But Lisa I thought you said no T-shirt just cooperate, Black and White?” Dina asked, wondering why the change of plan was all of a sudden.

“I changed my mind Dina and that's my final decision,” Lis
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