The baby is mine

Chapter 213

Meanwhile, Lisa is seen outside Alfred’s ward speaking to Dina on the phone.

“I’m so sorry I left without telling you. Alfred was shot and I had to come to see him” Lisa said and Dina sighed softly

“It’s fine, you shouldn’t apologize. I'm glad you are with him and he’s okay” Dina said in a sad tone. Lisa then noticed from her voice that she sounded sad.

“Is everything alright Dina? Have you told Williams the truth? Have you guys sorted things out?” Lisa asked concerned.

“Well, he found out before I told him and he broke up with me, “ Dina said

“Oh my goodness!! I’m so sorry Dina. Do you want me to talk to him for you? I can do that if you want” Lisa said

“No, it’s fine. I’m serious, I’m okay. Besides, Richard is back in prison now, so I’m okay” Dina said

“What about the pregnancy?” Lisa asked

“ I’ll just have to keep the baby. I can’t kill an innocent child because of what happened “ Dina said and Lisa sighed softly

“I’m sure Williams is going to come around, I know ho
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