Chapter 214

It's been two days and Alfred is still in the hospital, recovering. Lisa has been by his side, while he recovered.

Lisa and Alfred had just gotten off the phone with the quadruplets. They missed their parents. They just can't wait for them to come back home.

Lisa sat beside Alfred going through her phone when she saw a video of Williams proposing to Dina. Lisa yelled happily and Alfred turned to her wondering why she was yelling.

“It's Dina. Williams proposed to her already....” Lisa said and Alfred hummed.

“Seems like they've sorted themselves out already,” Alfred said and Lisa nodded in response. Lisa had told Alfred what transpired between Dina and Williams.

“I'm so happy for both of them. I need to call her now and congratulate her” Lisa said smiling. Alfred stared at her and then noticed how happy she truly is for her friend.

“Why don't you call her later? Can you please go tell the doctor to discharge me, I'm tired of staying in this hospital bed already. I hate the
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