Wedding preparation

Chapter 218

“I love you,” he said and then he lay on the bed beside Lisa. He moved her petite body towards himself as he cuddled her.

Lisa who was already feeling weak from the sex closed her eyes and suddenly drifted to sleep.



The sound of her phone’s ringing tone disrupted Lisa from her beauty sleep. She groaned softly and opened her eyes.

She sat up properly on the bed and stared at the other side of the bed only to see Alfred wasn’t in the room. Lisa began to wonder where he had gone to.

She decided to answer her phone call. She picked up her phone and saw it was a call from Dina. Just as she was about to answer the call, it ended.

“I’ll call her later,” she said out loud and dropped the phone beside her on the bed.

She sighed softly, scrutinizing the room but Alfred was nowhere to be found. She tried listening properly if she would hear any sound from the bathroom, thinking Alfred is there but no sound was coming from there, meaning Alfred isn’t there
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