The vows

Chapter 219

I’m going to miss grandma…. I wish I could divide her into two pieces so one can go to Singapore and the other would stay with us” Clarabella said and the quadruplets exhaled deeply.

“I just can’t wait for mommy and Daddy’s wedding to come so grandma can come back here,” Arabella said

“Same here but come to think of it we will be starting a new school here,” Annabella said and the quadruplets opened their eyes wide in shock.

“Oh my goodness! I had forgotten too. I just hope the people here are nice and else I’m going back to Singapore “ Isabella said and Clarabella laughed. The rest of the quadruplets stared at her wondering what was funny.

“Are you going back to Singapore? Who’s going to take you back there, except you are planning on entering grand ma’s luggage when next she comes? Besides, you are so small, I’m sure you can enter her luggage and nobody would know” Clarabella said and they all burst into laughter. Isabella rolled her eyes at Clarabella.

“You must be in
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Elizabeth Haynes
Beautiful story want more wow
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diana arbona-azizi
Great book!
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