Who is she?

In the human realm. Demons are actually disguised to look like humans. You won't notice any of them unless you have the gift of sixth sense. Or in other words, you should be a demon or a demon prince yourself to tell who is a demon, And who is human.

In an abandoned ally. A man was sent flying to a flat wall by a powerful force.

At first glance. He is somewhat normal-looking as a human. But closely, you will see a set of horns and sharp teeth suddenly appearing. As he hissed at the person who kicked him from a meter long.

Lucas walked toward the demon in disguise as a human.

"You are one of Lilibeth's children. Tell me, where is she? And what is she planning to do?"

The demon flashed a grin.

"Why are you suddenly interested? My master did not even bother to look for yours. What makes you care about what she does now?"

"Because I do." Axel suddenly appeared behind Lucas as if on cue.

The demon suddenly cringed and almost wanted to fold his own body into a small piece. He then lowered h
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