Adam'd first wife

At Adam's condo unit.

The seven spirits followed him all throughout the day. Continued to torment him even in his sleep.

There, he sat on a throne surrounded by them. Whilst he looks at the smiling image of Urie. Standing in front of him was Axel. They look quite well together. And in love.

"Look at them," said deception. "You should have been the one who's standing there and not him. You are more worthy than that person. And he stole Urie from you."

Jealousy then started covering his eyes with its palm.

Adam then sees nothing but red. He imagined Axel bathing in his own blood while he carried a knife in one of his hands. That's when Error started smiling creepily.

Urie stood there looking at him crying. But he just laughed and grabbed Urie by the hand. And started harassing him.

As hard as Urie tried to free himself from Adam's grasp. The latter only gains the upper hand. He watched as Axel looked at him as he takes advantage of Urie's weakness.

The sisters laugh at the sight of Adam
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