A Not so secret truth

“Master, I have good news to bear.”

“What is it?” Lucifer’s attention was called upon by the demon that’s been following Lilibeth.

“I have learned that the demon Queen has abducted the angel Muriel’s younger brother. “

Mammon who stood beside lucifer’s throne threw a look of suspicion at him.

“It might have something to do with Asmon.” said the demon of greed.

“Well see if it does. If Asmon is really alive, then he will come to me once he awakens.”

At that moment. Azazel was silently eves-dropping at one side of the throne.

Axel has to know about this. He thought to himself. And left the room the way he came in. Without anyone noticing.

“Shouldn’t we come to take him ourselves?”

“That won’t be needed. Even without my biding, my enemies will be his. He will destroy everything even if I don’t tell him to do so.”

The demon of Greed nodded in agreement.

Asmon had always been known to be loyal to all of Lucifer’s followers. And one of the strongest amongst them. Only he can exceed Axel’s s
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