Just who is this Sarah?

While in class, Orith was bullied by some students that were against his brother Urie.

“Tell your brother to get out of the entertainment industry. Showbiz does not need the likes of him. A gay and a user.” a student said. While the others agreed with what it said.

“Why are you so easy to accuse my brother of anything? You haven’t even heard his side of the story yet?” Orith clenched his fist trying to control his burst of anger.

“Then why hasn’t he said anything? If he’s really innocent as you say he is?” the other student debated.

“Maybe, he has nothing to prove. Especially, from short-witted people of your likes.” a voice from behind the group had everyone completely silent.

“Who is that?” a fat scary student said. “You have the guts to tell your mind. Try showing yourself if you think you’re that smart.”

“I would have if you weren’t all blocking my way in.”

The group of crazy female students stood aside. Just to see who it was with the guts to talk back to them.

It was Sarah.

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