I don't believe you

“It seems, the same effect applies to her as you do,” Gabriel concluded.

He had Orith wait outside of Sarah’s room for a while. Just to be sure that Asmon is still inside of Orith. Doesn’t get wind of his weakness.

The two were together when everything had happened. Just then, he was feeling a bit uncomfortable about taking advantage of Urie like that. But he just couldn’t get a hold of himself when around the latter.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s just like when you hurt when she’s being attacked. The same goes when you feel hurt inside. Your heart suffers more. And Hazel absorbs that pain.”

“You mean, my feelings don’t hurt me. Instead, it attacks my heart that’s inside Sarah?”


“This has gotten more and more complicated lately,” he thought of Urie’s face.

“Though, you can’t control any unknown feelings that may occur inside your heart. It’s best to avoid the things that might trigger them.”

“Wouldn’t it be best to just take it out from her?”

Orith came rushing inside the room.
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