An overwhelming proposal

“I’ve been accepted.” Sarah happily told Axel and Lucas. Who she considered being his family and older brothers since. Urie was there as well, as the two almost never left each other's side.

“That’s good news,” Axel uttered. “But you really don’t need to study far away from us. We can always get you a high position in the company once you graduate.”

“And besides, the company will need someone to run it someday. If we ever decide to get married soon.” Lucas added.

Axel and Urie threw a suspicious look at Lucas.

“I know, but wouldn’t it be better if I can achieve everything without you guys always backing me up?” it sounded more like a pleading than a question asked.

“Fine. But promise that you’d call us every time a problem arises, deal?” said Axel.

“Deal.” Sarah went to hug his two demon brothers.

As well as her sister-in-law. Urie.


“What’s the problem?” Axel noticed Urie’s silence ever since they left the mansion. They’re on their way to the latter’s house.

“I’m just worried abou
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