Chapter 32


Her screams had ripped me instantly from sleep. I had quickly moved to the side of her bed, took hold of her hand, ran my fingers through her hair. She was sweat covered, and trembling, but the screams stopped as soon as I touched her.

“Chastity. Chastity. Come on beautiful, wake up for me.” I called gently.

Finally her fear clouded green eyes opened, and stared back at me. No sooner had the fear cleared that her eyes filled with tears, and a sob escaped her lips. Without thinking, I picked her up, sat against her pillow, and settled her in my lap, wrapping one arm around her waist, the other cradled her head against my chest. She curled into a ball, and wept.

I glanced up to see Jax, and Molly standing at the door. Molly was curled into Jax, crying. This was killing them, as much as it was me. I put my chin on the top of Chastity’s head, and held her tight.

“Shh. Chastity. It’s ok. You’re safe now.” I whispered, as she continued to sob, gripping the sh
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