Chapter 55


So far my weekend had turned out a lot better than I expected. Originally I thought I would spend it alone. Norm, and Marcus were going to see Norm’s family Saturday morning then to meet Lexi at that pack house for her brother Darren’s birthday party. Lexi was going over earlier the help her mom set up for the party. The only plans I had was my meeting with Luna Clair, which I had expected to be canceled due the to party.

I was really surprised when Lexi invited me to go help set up, then attend the party, as a guest not a server or anything like that. Of course that invitation, extended to me Friday morning, instigated Norm’s need to shop as we all had to have the perfect outfits. Friday following Anatomy class we spent in the department store searching for just the right thing. We butted heads a few times when he tried to get me into a short skirt, halter top, and 4 inch heels. That was NOT happening. We finally settled on a dark blue, thick strap lace embe
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Jess K.
it will take some time. it will get better soon. remember she spent years being abuse mentally, and physically. it takes time to come bacj from that. at this point it's only been a few weeks since it all stoppes.
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Derena Marie
Her chapters are getting harder to read. Repetitive in many ways. Yes trauma beyond the imagination but it is a book being sold by the chapter. Her outburst due to jealousy was actually a refreshing cause but paragraph after paragraph to reel her in
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