Chapter 62


I woke early the next morning. I had a wonderful time with Rowen the night before. Getting to know him better was really nice, and he listened well to everything I said. I looked forward to future time with him. I couldn’t wait to set up my new statue in my room. I still couldn’t believe he bought it for me. It was really beautiful, and I really enjoyed watching it being made.

After breakfast, I started helping get the back yard, sunroom, and deck ready for the barbeque that afternoon. I was really looking forward to it. I was attaching streamers to one of the food tables when some one bumped into me. I stood quickly to move when I saw Naomi standing there.

“Move out of my way you stupid Omega.” She snapped.

“I…I’m sorry.” I stuttered.

“You’re not yet, but you will be.” I instantly cowered away from her as she drew back her hand to strike me when I heard someone roar.

“NAOMI! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” Gamma Peter roared as he walked
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Jess K.
thank you.
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this was my favorite chapter
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Jess K.
it was one of my favorite chapters to write.

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