Chapter 70


I can’t say that I slept very well after my video chat with Chastity. I had no idea she felt the way she did, and that I had contributed to her feeling that way. I felt really guilty for upsetting her as I had been. I had a feeling everyone would when I told them. I had sent a text to Chastity letting her know that I would talk to everyone about backing off on the Luna talk. She said she appreciated it, but she was worried about disappointing people at the same time. I reassured her that was not going to happen.

When I went into the sitting room dad, Dimitri, and Jax were already up, and eating breakfast. We had stopped going down to the dining room for breakfast after the first day because it was just too much commotion that early in the morning for any of us. We kind of liked to start the morning at a bit of a slower pace. I was just about to sit down when there was a knock at the door. Warrior Blake told me that is was the members of Dark Moon wanting to hav
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