Chapter 92


I have to admit that I’m pretty proud of myself for not letting the situation with Fiona’s therapist get to me. After I got home that night I thought a lot about what had happened, and even wrote about it in my journal. I found I was more disappointed in how the therapist handled the situation than anything. I wasn’t surprised by Fiona’s behavior. I almost expected it. Dee-Dee told me that my reaction showed growth, and healing. It made me proud of myself.

I did find myself, at times thinking of Fiona, and being worried about her wellbeing. I couldn’t understand why though. She had never treated me right in any way. In my heart I knew she didn’t deserve my worry or care. It didn’t change the fact that those feelings were there. After a week of that I decided to ask Dee-Dee about it during my appointment. Her answer made a lot of sense.

She said it was because of my caring nature, and who I am. As well as, in part how I was raised. I was raised to care f
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Marla Wood-Smith
This is a great story I do like the waiting a whole week for a bunch of chapters. I am hoping the 3 years progress a lot faster then it has so far.
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Jess K
due to adult responsiblities I get maybe one chapter a day written. if I'm lucky. i post on weekends with multiple chapters because that is when I have the most free time to write, and post.
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Derena Marie
I love the large weekly release. if someone prefers daily just read it through the week. I don't have the self control but that's a me issue haha

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