Chapter 99


I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. While Chastity, and I hadn’t done much, just the fact that she let me do that made me happy. Her reactions, and well everything had been what I hoped for. I had a feeling it would still be awhile before I got to make love to her, but I really didn’t mind, much. Waking up with her still asleep in my arms was also amazing as it rarely happens. She needed her rest though. She had worked hard the day before, and had been up incredibly early.

After kissing Chastity’s shoulder I slipped out of bed to take a shower. Just thinking about how she moved under me, and reacted to my touch made my dick feel like it was going to explode. Getting off felt just a bit better as I had some real imagines to think of instead of just fantasy. Well there was still fantasy, but I had a little clearer picture of what it would be like to be inside her.

Chastity was still asleep when I came out of the bathroom. She was too beautiful to
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Jess K
i just posted an update.
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Jess K
i just did an update. it's not as many chapters as normal, but hopefully it will be enough to hold everyone over.
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Tonette Canfield
more Please. I can't find another book to read. love this story.

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