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Every time we do these group dates some how we end up getting readying at my place. I never understood it, but it just seemed to be the way it was. When I walked into the living room to see Colby looking at the flowers I got for Chastity, I chuckled.

“You get her flowers for every date?” Colby asked me.

“Yes. Did you get some for Lexi?” I asked.

“No. Lexi doesn’t like cut flowers. I got them once, and she got mad at me.” Colby admitted.


“Yeah. I got her a little succulent plant instead. She has a bunch of them.”

“What is that?” Ross asked, and Colby showed him.

“Kind of looks like a cactus without the needles.” I stated.

“Pretty much, but Lexi loves them” Colby shrugged, “By the way, where is Jax.”

“Idiot forgot flowers, again.” Ross answered.

“You know, I’m not the most romantic guy in the world, but man my brother really sucks at it.” Colby said, shaking his head.

“He has his moments, but he really does suck at it.” I agreed.

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Beatriz Yung
I like how the group try to do things together. Of course they won’t like all the things the same way, but at least they are trying to do things together!
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nice chapter some grammar and spelling error but good nonetheless

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