Chapter 134


Watching Rowen leave Monday morning hadn’t been easy. I had loved having him with me the whole week. I still felt bad that I had been so busy while he was here though. Unfortunately there was little I could do to make it up to him right now. I was determined to make some plan for a vacation or something for just the two of us after I graduated so we had the one on one time we both deserved for getting through the separation. I planned to talk to him about that as soon as possible.

The rest of the week flew buy in a flurry of final exams, presentations, and studying. I tried not to be too stressed, but failed miserably. I was determined to maintain my high grades, and really feared I had failed every exam, and presentation. Lexi, Norm, and Jessie weren’t much better. We leaned on each other a lot to try to make ourselves feel better about our performance.

I had my last exam on Friday, and by Thursday night I was ready to be done. I also wanted to get away
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Jess K
probably. i'm still working it out. i've been in a bit of a funk the last 2 weeks.
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Derena Marie
Amazing as always. I know the brat was a side character but will we see anymore about the young alpha devil that Rowan tossed out? lol
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Petagay Thompson
this chapter as absolutely great. The growth and maturity between them. the love it's just good.keep up the good work Jess.i know sooner she will be able to drive and Rowen will get her first. I love the vacation idea where they can mark each other and become one.They will be a great it

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