Chapter 1

They all says that once you love someone and they love you back, the church is the only thing they will go no matter what happens.  When I was a child, I always talk with my grandmother about how I would like to be married in a church full of flowers. 

A simple wishful thinking of a child. Yes, it is. But… who would have thought that, marriage is not the way I think it would be?

Getting married is a piece of crap!!

“And from this day forward, I now announce you, Lea and Aiden to be husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride”

The priest says as he blessed the two of us in front of oh so many people that have the maximum count of my hand.

“I now present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Lazarus! “

And by that, we live happily ever after.

The end.

I did hope that it would be as easy as that but… no. It didn't end up like those you see in the fairytale movies. 

” I have rules to be made. Rules that you must follow or else, your head would be chop off “

It was indeed harsh. To marry someone the day after you bought them in some kind of an auction and now treat her like this… somehow, I can say that I am lucky but… am I really am?

Even the bruises in my hand were still in here. The print of that thing that tied me hasn't been fully removed from my skin. 

It was truly a witty thing for them to make it like this. 

” This is my house and all rules must be done by me. You can never object it. Despite of being my wife, you are first my slave. Do accordingly if you want to live a somewhat good life”

He stated as if he was threatening me. It is as if he was saying that it was him who have the power in this house. 

What else can I do… I am but a piece of slave in his eyes…

What happened to Aunt Estrella by the way? Ah!! Why am I even stucked in this kind of situation???

“Are you even listening to what I am saying? “

Now he was a bit mad since I didn't answer him. He has been talking for a while yet, it was just him who was speaking. Maybe he thinks that he looks like an idiot person talking to himself. 

“Yes, I understand”

I simply reply. There is nothing good if I would act like a brat. Who knows. If I did disobey him... he would do just as what he said. 

Gulping as I slightly touch my neck, I don't want to imagine being killed that way. It would hurt so much! If ever I would die, I wanted to die peacefully.  I don't want to get hurt so bad… it would torture me to be seen my grandmother being in that state…

My thoughts were disturbed as soon as I notice his hand touching my chin. It was just his pointing finger who was touching it but I can't help but do just as what he wanted. 

Raising my chin just to see his face, he let out a smirk that soon disappeared after his words.

“So, if you cherish that head of yours… I advise you to be as good wife just like how you do good in being my bride”

The door suddenly opened after a three consecutive knock. He let go of me and faces the man that entered the room.

“Sir, Master was outside. He was furious on why you didn't invite him in your wedding. Shall I prepare the dining hall? “

Looking at his wrist, he slightly shook his head. 

“It was too early for us to have dinner. Prepare some snacks and drink, we will be out in the garden”

“Yes sir”

And with that, the man went on his way. I didn't notice it at first since Aiden was blocking him, but now as he went out, he seems to be wearing a butler uniform. Those clothes I saw in movies whenever there is a rich kid visiting their big mansion.

Closing my eyes, I even wonder if I can find excuse to get out of this place. 

Grandma… what should I doooooo

And before I can even have any ideas of how to get out of this place, we are now facing the man that the butler stated. 

Wearing some luxurious clothes and watch, no matter what kind of people look at him I know they can easily say that this man in front of them was a rich person. The way he moves, the way he speak, every single detail about him shouts nobility. 

Taking a peek in this man beside me, even Aiden do have that features. Ah, wait a minute…

Looking at the both of them, it surprised me how similar their features is. The fact that they somehow look alike— even the timing of them drinking is perfectly synchronized!

I gulp in realization. 

If Aiden is already a big shot, what's more... this man in front of us.

“What brings you here? Father? “

He said with confidence.  Maybe I should just stay silent. Who knows… if his father thinks of me as a nuisance, he would just order his man to kill me on the spot. That is a big no no! 

I still have to get out of here… somehow…

“I told you to that you must first marry before you succeed in getting the land that was given to you by your mother. It was written in her last will. But to think that you would do this carelessly, are you out of your mind?  My son? “

The way he speaks, I thought he would shout but he still remains having his composure. That was scary…

Again, Aiden took a sip in his cup before answering. 

” I didn't do this carelessly “

” But you just met her. You can't marry someone you've just met! “

“Say by who? Isn't it true that you propose a marriage the very first time you talk to mom? Let's just say that I am just taking the steps of my father”

“That was different. I already know your mother, we just don't talk to each other. That's all. It is different if you who just met this girl, would marry her”

Lea, remain calm… Aiden states that you must perform good as his wife. If you don't want your head to fly in the air or if you don't want to be shoot dead in this place, do a good job. 

“I already married her. There is nothing else you can do. Father.”

“Yes, there is. Son”

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