Chapter 2

The tension between them is suffocating.  I thought that I would die in an instant! But… why am I in this kind of situation in the first place… hah…

“Lea… that was your name, right? “

” Yes, sir “

He stopped on his walks. We are about to go in a greenhouse nearby. Just a while ago, they are talking to each other but now, I was drag by his father for who know what reason it may be.

I bet he would chop me and fed me to the pigs?   Or maybe he would leave me in a lion's den and let me face my death?

Not wanting to think of things as that, I didn't notice that we already arrived in the greenhouse. 

” Wow… this place was beautiful… “

I stated out of awe. Surprised by the beauty that I see, I forgot that I was with the father of Aiden. Looking at him he let out a small chuckle.

” Yes sir? “

” Calling me sir is giving us distance.  You are now my daughter in law which means that you can call me as father “

” But... is it alright? I thought you don't like me for Aiden… “

Wait, what am I even talking about? Do I have permission to say these words?

” What would you choose, money or family? “

What is with that sudden question? Is he trying to find out what kind of person I was? What should I say? What if I stated things he doesn't like. Will he shoot me dead in my head if that ever happens?

” Forgive my rudeness of asking so sudden. You don't need to answer it if you don't want to “

” Money is important but family is much more “

He was surprised when I say those words.

“What would you choose, family or your love one? “

Ah, he is not finish yet? Thought that was just one question... eh?

“If you love someone then that means that person is already your family. Family may be built even if you are not related by blood”

“Even if you say those… here”

He stated as he picks something on his inner pocket. Signing on it, he lends it to me. 

Was it a check? Ah… so in the end he still doesn't like me. But it is not as if I get just get that and leave Aiden. Surely it would be my head who would be out of my body before me getting out of this damn place. 

Now, what should I do? In order to not gain any suspicious eyes, in order to carry out this plan we had, in order to keep this life of mine… I must do just as what Aiden told.

Bowing my head, this is the only thing I can see that would give a good result. It is surely no good if I act like a brat in front of him. It is surely no good if I act so highly and test that check and boldly state that I won't leave his son.

The only option I have is to calmly and sincerely bow my head and ask for forgiveness since I can't accept his offer. 


I didn't have the chance to finish my words. His laughter echoed on the whole place. It was as if he was having a good time. 

” Indeed, you are different from others”

“Yes sir? “

” I told you, you can just call me father “

” Yes… fa…”


Maybe he was waiting for it. Hah, this was weird. Is he really not mad at me?

” Yes, father “

Again, another laughter was heard. 

” Oh Claudia, if you are here, you would surely enjoy this thing. It is a good thing that our son was a good picker. Hah, I bet that worries I had was but a mere nonsense at this point “

He was talking to himself as he let out those words. Who is Claudia? Is she perhaps his wife? The mother of Aiden?

Looking at me he taps my shoulder.

” Being different to others doesn't mean you are wrong, it just means that you are unique.  Aiden's mother always says that. Keep that in mind “

” Yes… I… will “

Why did he even say that? I don't know but… 

The only thing I know at this moment was the fact that someone suddenly grab my arm and cover me into his.

” No matter what your motives are, please stop it right at this moment father “

” What? I am just talking with my daughter in law. Aren't I? “

I can feel his glare to his father. But there is nothing I can do about that… is there?

“No need to be that cautious son, it is not as if you are hiding something… are you? “

Now that I confirmed it, it was indeed him who Aiden was trying to fool. With his status, surely, he already knows what Aiden did, but judging Aiden's attitude, I doubt whether that was really the case.

“Alright farewell to the both of you. Let's have a dinner next time”

And by that, he left. Leaving me and Aiden in this state.

His arms are still hugging me. It was as if he was thinking about something so deep. I wonder what he was thinking.

“What did he tell you? “

He asked. But before I can even utter any words, he takes back his question.

“Well, never mind. Let's go back in the mansion.  You still have papers to sign”

He sounds different.  Maybe he was worried? I wonder… 

Realizing how he locked me in his arms, I didn't know what to react when he suddenly pushed me. 

Trying to calm down, I didn't let it show on my face that I was mad for a bid. It is not as if my anger would do me any good. I am just new here. Surely…  there are lots of things I must learn. It wouldn't be good if I would be chained like that again. It would also make it hard for me to escape if people are giving me much attention…

“What are you standing still for? “

He asked with a serious manner. Hah… what a waste of this place for an argument. I wonder if I can still have the chance to see it again.

Going back in the mansion, I thought that it was just simple files. About out contract but…

With the sight of piles of paper works... I guess that it wasn't the case.

” You can ask the head butler to assist you. As the mistress of this house, it is your obligation to do this. It is part of your work as my wife”

Looking at his watch, “I still have a meeting to attend. You can have your dinner after you finish that”


“Yes? “


I then gull. It is not like I can finish this today. This was so many! I wonder what are these for…

“Madame, this is the files regarding the expenses as well as the other documents of this house for the past five years”

Ah… five years’ worth of documents and I have to finish it or else I won't have dinner… hah….

Is this a punishment? I close my eyes trying to calm down but even if I do so, 

How can I calm down?!?!

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