"What was that?" Declan demanded the moment I waltzed over. He had been unhinged since Matthan's arrival. Some might call it guilt. But I was beginning to think it was something more. He had been more than happy whilst preparing for Matthan's return. All that happiness seemed to fade with the arrival of that girl. Eloise.

"I was having a simple discussion with Matt and his new girl. What's gotten under your ass?"

"That was not a conversation. You were clearly trying to irk him and I do not appreciate that."

That made me chuckle. "Matthan is irked. Why else would he hook himself up with some disposable human? Plus I am worried about him. He did not deserve what I did to him. If you are feeling guilty about your betrayal, you should know there is no going back now. Matt will heal. Your bond with your Beta cannot be broken. Know that."

I notice Declan's gaze travel over to their table. His frown deepened even more. "I am not worried about our bond. I'm not just concerned about him

When I say I felt sorry for Alice ūüėď

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