I stepped inside the halls with a catch in my throat. My breath was heavy and the sight in front of me was blurry. Pushing Matthan away was harder than I thought. It felt like a knife twisting itself into my chest as I fought to get a good grip on myself, but the weight of it all was a bit too much. I practically had a panic attack when my name was called.

"Here comes Eloise Carter. The newest member of the Aster Pack." The words hit me like an ice water cold shower at full force. My feet stopped before me, and all at once, everything went silent. There was no pain, just a sickening and numbing feeling surrounding me. My hands shook and my breathing was shallow. As I stood there in place, waiting for my heart to stop beating so fast and my breath to slow down, someone held my hand.

"It's alright," Orla assured me, wrapping my hand around hers. "Let's give them a show. Shall we?" She said with that signature smirk on her lips. It honestly helped. I nodded numbly, trying to breat

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