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I was awakened from my slumber when the sunbeam fell directly on my eyes. I let out a groan of annoyance. My right hand shot up in an endeavor to block the light from penetrating my orbs. I had almost fallen back to dreamless unconsciousness when my eyelids unrolled and my body shot up into the sitting position.

I took a note of the room. Sunlight was already entering the room from the blinds. My brows pinched and my features vaguely contorted in confusion. How is that possible?

Bending to the edge of the bed, I grabbed my almost broken phone from the nightstand before straightening up in my previous position. I unlocked the screen. I tried to read the time but I couldn't decipher any alphabet or numeric as my vision was befogged by the lack of rest.

Rubbing my worn-out and drowsy eyes until my field of vision merged into the clarity. My eyes enlarged and anxiety built inside the pit of my stomach when I saw that it was already six twenty in the morning. How did this happen? I palpably recall I had set my alarm at five-thirty a.m.

Xavier will be downstairs in ten minutes while I'm still in bed. He already loathes me, and not to omit his remorseless persona and ill-temper.

And these days, Xavier has been incredibly crusty and temperamental. He is impulsive. Today I am dead for good. My heart drops with apprehension. Shaking my head, I tried to strip off bone-chilling and dispiriting thoughts.

This is not the time to envision, I still have some time left. Maybe I can quickly fix something for him. Even though a huge part of me still doubts it, I'll be able to make him something before he gets downstairs.

With the newly established resolution, I got off of my bed. Slipping my feet inside my fluffy slippers, I hoist myself in a standing position. Paddling inside the bathroom and stopping right at the sink.

I stare right at my reflection. My sandy blonde hair was flying all over. My pale skin was caked with acne, blemishes, and pimples. My eyes looked red and puffy with a huge bag underneath, due to lack of rest. My small button-up nose. My protruding teeth were wired with braces for them to straighten up. My lips looked chapped due to excessive licking of the lips.

I was knowledgeable, I wasn't anywhere close to being called appealing or arrested. No wonder Xavier despises me. Yes, we are physically active, but I would never misinterpret it as devotion or attraction.

It wouldn't bewilder me if he repulses my touch. I know I'm just an obligation to him, he would have gotten rid of me if it was in his hands. And the sole purpose for him to be with me is only to produce an heir.

You must wonder why he married me if he hates me so much and is only with me for an heir because he can have a child with anyone. Well, like I mentioned before, I'm an obligation to him, nothing else. If he hadn't married me, my father-in-law would have disowned him from the family inheritance.

I wish I had known this before the wedding, things would have been different at present. I would never have married him. He deserves all the happiness and I don't give him that. It's the opposite. But the damage is done now.

A sad sigh escapes me before I try to focus on my work, stopping my mind from wandering into different irrelevant thoughts. I brushed my teeth and splashed some water on my face, vaguely cleaning it.

I wanted to shower but I didn't have time. I can come back and shower once I am done making breakfast. I grabbed a clean face towel from the cabinet and mildly dabbed my face to dry it.

Hanging the towel, I walked out of the bathroom and quickly changed into a plain chalk-white T-shirt and a long inky black skirt before exiting my room and heading downstairs.

I wish he was behind time today like I'm, but it's called a wish for a basis. Xavier is remarkably prompt and disciplined. He hates tardiness and irresponsibility.

I had just climbed down the stairs. I was treated with the sight of Xavier. My heart leaped a beat at the vision of Xavier. He was standing in the middle of the hall while having a deep conversation with his mother and his little sister. A permanent scowl plastered on his features, which I've grown habitual to.

Honestly, I am so used to it that I feel something is wrong with him if I don't see him with it. Here I was hoping he would be late today, but instead he was earlier than other days.

Unconsciously, my orbs roam over his features. His raven dark hair was fringed up in perfection, not even a single strain falling out of the place. His pair of thick dark eyebrows and his distinctive light blue orbs with greyish tinge on the base right below the brows.

His luscious and plump lips looked bewitching. We have been intimate so countless times, but I have never kissed him. I wonder how it feels to touch his lips with mine? I blush at my notion. Stop acting like a horny teen.

Pushing my not-so-ethical and righteous ideas at the back of my mind, my gaze further trailed down his body. He was wearing an exorbitant and elegant navy blue suit with matching pants. His off-white shirt hugged the broad muscles underneath his jacket. He looked ravishing like usual.

I won't label him as the most handsome man alive because there is no such thing called the most handsome as beauty is subjective, but he's without a doubt one of the most beautiful creatures present on the earth.

Despite his hostility and aversion towards me, I still think he is still a wonderful human being. The way he respects and cares for his mother and sister says it all. Though he doesn't have the best relationship with his father. Part of me doesn't understand why, because my father-in-law is one of the most likable and genial people anyone can find.

As if sensing my gaze at him, he rapidly looked in my direction. I instantly averted my gaze and a deep flush appeared all over my body. agitated, he caught me ogling at him.

My attention was brought back by a familiar screeching sound. I knew who she was, my mother-in-law and my husband's mother. Sandra "Look your highness is finally here,"

I slightly turned my head towards her. Sandra's face was contorted in raw hatred as she eyed me. This wasn't anything freakish for me. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have developed a strong disliking towards me, and I don't know, why? I never understood what they have against me.

I would be lying if I said it didn't bother me because it did. And it did a lot. I craned my head to glance at my husband who was staring at me with a pacific expression, not giving me an image of what must be going through his brain.

The way he was staring at me was unnerving me. I cleared my throat in an attempt to act naturally.

"I-I" I trailed off in an attempt to give a proper explanation as to why I was late, but nervousness and fear also made it impossible for me to utter anything.

Xavier turned his attention back to his mother, who was still shooting me a hard stare.

"Mom, I'll be a little late today so don't wait for me," Xavier's tone is soft, which he never uses for me. And I don't understand why he informs his mother because I'm the one who stays awake till late in the night. Sometimes till two or three in the morning.

Maybe he is trying to indirectly refer it to me. Maybe he is or maybe not. It doesn't matter, I'll have to wait for him no matter what. It's my duty after all.

Xavier turned to the main door to leave. He had hardly taken two steps, but Sandra latched on his arm and stopped him. His movement came to a halt as a result. He turned his head to his mother. His naturally perfect-shaped brows were raised in a questioning manner.

"What about your breakfast," She queried, her brows pinched in concern.

"I'll get something on my way, I'm already late," he answered. There was no aggravation or irk in his tone.

I don't know if he seems abnormally calm, for my mistake. It is horrifying. I prefer an angry Xavier over this calm one. Maybe he doesn't want to create any drama in front of his family.

"But you don't eat anything outside. Just give me five minutes and I'll quickly make something. Your useless wife can't do simple work but your mother is still alive. I still have the energy to cook for you," Sandra screeched, gritting her teeth.

I felt disheartened, ashamed of myself. Sandra was right. I am a huge disappointment. It is my responsibility to feed my husband before he leaves for work, but I fail to do so.

"It's okay mom, I'll be fine," Sandra looked hesitant, but she nonetheless nodded her head.

Without another word, Xavier walked out of the main door. The only thing I could do was stare with remorse at the space from where he disappeared.

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