I was so engrossed in my hiding I didn't hear someone approaching. "Why are you hiding?" A voice said from behind me, startling me.

I whirled and came face to face with Elena who was gazing at me with a confused expression as to why I was hiding there as if I was a thief.

Slightly relieved, my hand flew to my chest trying to even out my racing heart. "You scared me," My tone came out as an accusation rather than a statement.

"I'm sorry, I did mean to scare her but are you okay?" She asked, looking at my horrible state.

I'm sure I must look like a witch with blood-red eyes, hair flying east-west and north and south, swollen lips and face and skin which resembled fresh red tomatoes.

"Yes...Yes," I lied trying my best to sound believable but clearly, it didn't work as Elena gave me a worried yet suspicious look. She has me all figured out. I bit my lower lip, suddenly feeling uneasy.

Without another word I turned and walked towards the kitchen. I was relieved she did try to stop me and i
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