May frowned slightly. "First you married that ugly bitch then you cheated me with that Ruth. Fortunately, she was faking her pregnancy but still, you cheated on me, Xavier"

Wait what does she mean first he married me?

Were they in relation before I married Xavier?

Is this another reason why he couldn't accept me? Because he was already in love with May

And Ruth faked her pregnancy? But why?

Numerous questions flooded my confused and stressed brain and the answer I had none. The only thing I could do was wait and watch. Maybe I'll get my answer.

"How did you know," Xavier probes his own query ignoring May's ranting.

She momentarily looked hesitant but answered nonetheless. "I followed you,"

"You followed me?" Xavier snorted with an accusing gaze almost as if couldn't believe what he was hearing.

She guilty met his accusing gaze coldly. "What was I supposed to do Xavier? You were acting shading, smelling all girly,"

"You knew what you were getting into, May. I never hid and lied anythin
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