My eyelids fluttered in an attempt to open it but I couldn't. My eyes felt like they were carrying the weight of an elephant. After a few attempts, I successfully opened them but clenched them back instantly, when the warm and bright sunbeams fell directly on my eyes, burning them.

A brief moment after, I pried my eyes open. With my blurred vision, I was incapable of distinguishing anything more than their vague shapes.

I slowly hoist my tired body up into a sitting position, leaning my body against the headpost, rubbing my eyes at the same time in an endeavor to clear my cloudy vision. This time my vision was very clear but still a bit dim, so blinking rapidly, I tried to adjust to a bright ray surrounding the room.

My lips parted as an unladylike yawn threatened to float out of my lips, but instead a hiss escaped my lips at the sharp pain that hit me. My jaw felt like it had been dislocated. For a second I thought I must have slept in an odd position, but then the vivid memory of y
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