I absolutely hate being in his presence and here I'm kissing him. It took everything in me not to jerk away from him. Somehow, I managed to gather courage to touch my lips with his but I froze after that. Our lips were touching each other but were completely immobilized as if .

I am not even exaggerating, this has to be the most awkward thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.

The absence of emotions from Elijah had self-doubt creeping in once again. How did I even think I would be able to seduce him? I know I look much better than what I used to a few years back, but am I attractive? I don't think so.

Feeling absolutely hopeless, I decide to drop this seduction act. It's not working anyway. I just hope I am not in trouble. This was such a bad idea in many ways. I wanted to slap myself for being so stupid.

Right when I was about to retract a step back. He snaked his buff arms around my hip and jerked me forward, making me collide with his toned body. A yelp escaped me, taken a
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