Chapter twenty: Does that mean you love me?

Adriana was a bit thrown for the loop when Skyler stated that the formal wear he had on was his causal. Does the guy never relax? she thought but outwardly she was a perfect look of blankness, which changed to one of sheepish shyness as she remembered what is in her hand.

" Here, " she stretched out her hand to Skyler, her face taking on the glowing color of a very ripe tomato. On her hand was a beautiful banquet of red roses, this was her first, a spur of the moment which she decided on as she was racing down to Skyler.

A little cute frown pulled at Skyler as he took the flowers from the blonde. " Thanks, " he said as if he was thinking about the word. He hadn't expected the flowers. " Does that mean you love me? " he asked with a deadpan expression on his face.

Adriana choked on her spit, coughing a little as her lids blinked severally at Skyler. " Excuse me! "

Still maintaining a straight face, Skyler's eyes flicked from the roses on his hand to the stunning blue eyes of the blo
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