Chapter twenty eight: The dates are back on.

Adriana barely tasted her dinner and when she arrived home she still couldn't forget. She kept visualizing Skyler with the brunette and the smile on his face. The more she thought about them the more restless she grew.

When she couldn't take the disturbing thoughts anymore she came down from her bed and went to the kitchen where she took out a bottle of half-opened Brandy and a wine glass and went to her kitchen table and sat down.

She poured a little into the glass and drowned it and then another and another and only stopped at the third glass.

The burning drink in her system still couldn't help with her troubling thoughts. She stood to her feet and began to pace around her kitchen with another glass in hand.

Why can't I stop thinking about him? She wondered in annoyance walking from one end to another. She wasn't like this. Has never been this hung up on a guy before.

" What are you doing to me, Skyler, " she groaned hitting her head on the wall. She kept hitting her head tryin
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