Chapter 36: The Zeth Gray

"Mommy!" Zenon cried out when he saw a familiar silhouette.

Zeth looked up to see an unfamiliar woman looking at him with wide eyes.

"Are you this child's mom?" he asked and went closer to the woman.

Daphne couldn't do anything but stare at the man standing right in front of her. It didn't even take a minute for her to recognize that the man was Zeth—the Zeth that she only ever heard of in stories and only ever seen in pictures.

Adriel surely wasn't exaggerating when she said that the man she met on the farm was charming and handsome. Daphne's now got mad respect for her best friend for not caving in to a man such as Zeth. If she was Adriel, she would have jumped into his arms the moment that they met.

Zenon pouted when he saw that it wasn't his mom who had found him but his aunt instead. Nonetheless, he went to where his aunt was standing and hugged her thighs. Daphne looked down on Zenon and smiled, carrying him into her arms.

At that moment, the light finally illuminated
Sand Kastle

Hi, guys! I apologize if you expected the grand reveal. However, there are still some issues that I have to dive deep into before we get to that. But, isn't it quite fun to see how this game plays out? I've already planned the reveal in my mind, and I promise that I'll make it very satisfying. Expect that it would be within the fifty chapters. See you all in the next updates!

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absolutely love this and the identity coming out
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Gina Vergara - Launio
i love the the story i hope the happy ending...️...

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