Chapter 85: Cat Fight

"Adriel," Zeth tugged on her wrist and captured her into a hug.

"Let go," Adriel said, trying to break away from his hold.

Zeth shook his head and held on. "No, please. Let me explain before anything else. I don't like fighting with you, Adriel," he sniffed.

Adriel froze on her spot and glanced at Zeth with wide eyes. "Are you crying?"

He looked up from her shoulder, and Adriel saw how teary and red his eyes are. More tears fell from his eyes, making Adriel's heart melt.

She softly bit her lip and hugged Zeth back. "Don't cry," she whispered. "I don't like seeing you cry."

With Adriel's comforting words, Zeth could only cry harder. "I can't help it, angel. I thought that I hate interacting with new people the most in the entire world, but turns out, I hate fighting with you the most," he cried into her shoulder.

Adriel let out a deep breath and placed her hand over his har, stroking it gently to give him comfort. "I know. I know. Me too."

The two of them stayed in that pos
Sand Kastle

Uh-oh. Scarlett is a bitch (although, we all expected it), and you're going to be seeing more of Cedric's stupidity from here on out (don't hate me)!

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goodnovel comment avatar
these past chapters have been quite meh because its now feeling like how an teenager would envision her adult life. quite disappointed how the story is going in terms of content and quality. like it has been dragged tooo long.
goodnovel comment avatar
omg I knew this was coming Cedric is going to act stupid n get hurt over this malice woman. Then and only then will he open his eyea.

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