Chapter 86: False Accusation

"What is going on here?"

Aria glanced at the person just right outside the door. Her breath got caught in the back of her throat when she saw that it was Cedric who came in.

"Cedric," Scarlett said in a pitiful voice.

Aria snapped her gaze toward Scarlett and frowned with the sudden change of tone in her voice. It seems as if she changed into a completely different person. Aria's eyes widened in surprise when she saw tears brimming in Scarlett's eyes.

Cedric worriedly looked at her. He walked up to her and gently held onto her wrist. "What happened? Are you alright?" he asked.

Scarlett sniffed before shaking her head. "It hurts," she said. "It feels like my skin is going to fall off."

Aria internally scoffed. She was fine moments ago! Why the fuck is she acting like she isn't now?

Cedric clicked his tongue and observed her red skin. He then sharply glanced at Aria. "What happened?" he asked.


Aria was about to explain that Scarlett had spilled coffee on her own arm
Sand Kastle

Surprise chapter! Zeth and Adriel are so sweet! And Scarlett is such a b****! I feel really bad for Aria.

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Trina Shayna Chua
I hope you give Aria justice soon... Not to prolong her pain..
goodnovel comment avatar
absolutely love the Surprise thank you!!

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