Chapter 98: Capture the Flag

After much convincing from Adriel, Aria finally made her way back to the site of the party. By that time, the models were already gathered in one area, and they appeared to be playing games and such. The sun was finally setting, so it was the perfect time to play and swim.

She sat down next to Kian on the sand, causing him to look up at her.

He smiled. "Where have you been? Zeth decided that we should play some games," he said.

"I've just been here and there," she vaguely said. "Adriel and I talked about something."

Kian nodded his head and focused his attention on the front.

"Alright. We'll be playing a game of capture the flag!"

The models and staff started chattering excitedly. They rarely got a chance to go out of the city and play games like this, so they were all excited for what was to come next.

"Are we all familiar with the game?" the facilitator asked.

Some nodded their heads, while others were clueless as to what the game actually is. Kian was one of those clueless
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omg wow. love this wonder what will happen.

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