Chapter 106: The Club

Zeth slapped himself awake for the twentieth time today. It was early in the morning, and yet he was feeling so restless already. He didn’t even get to talk with Adriel last night since he was so sleepy.

He’s usually energetic and snappy; however, these days, he feels like he always just wants to lie down in bed. He doesn’t know whether it’s because of Jo’s absence, but he pointed that out to be the culprit.

Ever since she left three days ago and Sara was the only one who could help him, he’s seen a change in his sleeping habits since then.

“Sara,” he called for his new assistant.

Sara came into the room with a sweet smile on her face. She was yet again wearing another revealing outfit, but Zeth was too tired to reprimand her.

“Yes, sir?” she asked, walking over to his chair.

“Bring me another cup of coffee,” he said.

Sara smirked. “Are you sure, sir? This is your third cup of coffee, and it’s only morning.”

“Don’t ask any more questions,” he shook his head. “Just bring it to m
Sand Kastle

Drama, drama, drama. Drama everywhere! The drama gets heavier as we get neared to our end.

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Josée Beaulé
know they going to seperate what a bummer that is why I hate this story cant we have a reel life story
goodnovel comment avatar
omg wow I cant believe that Sara is drugging him.

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